Tracy is one of the organisers of the festival. She is presenting THE POWER OF TOUCH on the FEEL timetable.

The session has been adapted to highlight how touch/massage can help in the family home. Teaching you some simple techniques to use with people of all ages, helping with anxiety, stress, insomnia and general health and wellbeing.

Suitable for all to join, first come first serve.

Tracy is a well qualified therapist with extensive experience. She has also taught and mentored students in her industry for many years. She also holds several workshops throughout the year as well as running a busy practice offering a number of therapies including:

  • holistic & sports massage
  • reflexology
  • oncology & touch therapies
  • pregnancy massage
  • baby massage instructor
  • beautician 
  • hot stone massage
  • ear candling
  • crystal therapy
Tracy can be found on the FEEL timetable