Pauline will deliver THE BENEFITS OF HYPNOTHERAPY on the FEEL timetable.

This session will be a group demonstration of Hynotherapy and finish with Rahanni Angelic Healing. 

Suitable for all.

Pauline has 15 years experience working with a combination of Angelic & Healing Energy Modalities such as: 

  • IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Teacher & Practitioner
  • Rahanni Celestial Healing Teacher & Practitioner
  • Energetic Facelifts 

These healing treatments are particularly effective at bringing relief and peace to:
Feeling very stressed                       Grief over death                      Body pains and aches Holding Anger                                    Unforgiveness                          Grief over relationships Feeling lost in life                              Unhappiness                                Children’s behaviours   Exhaustion
Pauline teaches Practitioner courses in the following:

Rahanni Level 1
Rahanni Teacher Level 2Integrated Energy Therapy Level 1, 2 & 3. 

Pauline facilitates workshops in the following:

  • Angel consciousness Days
  • Angel & oracle card reading course
  • Pendulum course
  • Weekly guided meditation
  • Monthly group Healing

Private Treatments

  • Angelic Energy Healing 
  • Rahanni Celestial Healing 
  • IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) 
  • Energetic Facelifts 
  • Manifestation readings

*New to her skill set is Hypnotherapy*
Hypnotherapy is a safe complimentary treatment to help clients who have issues around:
Sleeplessness                           Anxiety                                            Phobias Fear                          Smoking                                          Weight  Confidence  Guilt                                      Anger Depression                          Shame                                       Trauma(s)