Luna is delivering BREATHE TO MOVE on the MOVE timetable The Breath to Move workshop will look at breathing dysfunction and its importance in movement patterns and stability. It will be a fun workshop looking at kinetic chains and posture, with exercises that you can take home with you. Suitable for all, please bring a mat with you if you want to go to this workshop.

Luna Young is a Canadian Neuromuscular Physical Therapist living in Ireland for over 10 years. A competitive figure skater in her youth, Luna has been an active sports enthusiast in running, volleyball, field hockey and yoga.

Luna arrived in Ireland after studying natural health sciences, but it was her journey into motherhood that sparked her passion for women’s health and well-being. Luna is a Neuro-muscular Physical Therapist, Pre and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Orthopedic massage therapist. She is always taking new courses and training to enhance her knowledge.