Louise is one of the organisers of the festival. She can be found on the THINK timetable delivering FERMENTING: WHAT, WHY, HOW to open the event. She is also M.C of the Panel Discussions.

Fermented foods can help get to the cause of some of our body symptoms and as a Naturopath, finding the cause is the key. Learn what effect balanced bacteria have on the body, why it is so important to have them in our lives and in our diet and how we make and include them. Plus there will be some tasters of Louise’s own Kombucha brew to try!

Suitable for all, bring a note pad, pen and open mind!

A Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist (ND and NTP) for over a decade she has a busy practice seeing one to one clients and teaching health and wellbeing classes in Kinsale. She also lectures and is the clinic supervisor at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in Cork. As a published author, she has written 2 books, several print and online articles as well as enjoyed a regular slot on the radio in Hong Kong.

Louise is passionate about using nature and natural processes to heal, nurture and strengthen the body, mind and spirit. She works extensively treating whole families and enjoys giving clients back control and responsibility for their body and mind.

A Naturopath will look at the person as a whole and rather than treat symptoms and will observe the bigger picture to help interpret the signals the body sends us. Whole body strength and health will be covered in her talks. She draws on food as medicine especially fermented foods and drinks, herbs, Bach Flower Remedies as well as tools like Emotion Freedom Technique (tapping) and Reiki where appropriate.