Liadh will be delivering a talk on OPTIMISING HORMONE HEALTH on the THINK timetable.

Women’s health event: talking women through how to balance hormones well and how to manage symptoms of endometriosis, painful periods, PCOS and more.

Suitable for everyone, especially those looking for support with the above medical diagnosis or symptoms.

Liadh Fitzgerald M.Sc., is the founder of two clinics: the Women’s Wellness Clinic & Institute and Fertility Health Clinic.  She is passionate about caring for clients who are embarking on IVF, struggle with infertility and delayed time-to-pregnancy, those who may have experienced miscarriage, and women and girls who suffer with gynaecological and hormonal health issues. She has a strong working relationship with a variety of medical and IVF- clinics in Ireland, who refer their patients directly.

A Biomedical Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner, with a decade and a half of experience as a women’s health professional, she is one of a handful of Irish practitioners who is listed as a Functional Medicine Practitioner on the worldwide practitioner database of the renowned USA based Institute of Functional Medicine.  

Using her health and science background, she delivers evidence-based Optimal Fertility programmes and Pre-IVF Healthcare programmes or Gynae-Care programmes to her clients. She also lectures, writes and delivers classes to educate practitioners on how to approach and treat women’s health via biomedical nutrition and lifestyle intervention protocols. 

Educated to a Master of Science (M.Sc.) level, she has studied through University College Cork, the National University of Ireland and Middlesex University. She is an experienced keynote speaker, lecturer, writer, and researcher.