Our gut does more than simply digest our food. Our natural bacteria, at home in our intestines, may impact our mental health, sleep, ability to lose or gain weight, cravings for certain foods and hormone balance. In this talk, Karen aims to educate and motivate you to improve your overall wellbeing by providing helpful tips and recipes to nourish your body and mind to fuel you happy. She will cover the role of pre and probiotic foods, how colourful foods can have an impact, how to love your liver and more.

Suitable for all, bring a notepad and pen.

Karen Ward is a registered Nutritional Therapist and runs a busy nutrition clinic, Optimum Health in Oysterhaven, Co. Cork. The focus of Karen’s practice is digestive health, inflammation, autoimmunity and in the past few years has developed a keen interest in Nutrition for Stress, performance and Mental Health as she has found herself supporting more and more busy corporate clients who due to the impact of chronic stress have found their health suffer as a result.

With a background in Science, Applied Psychology, Statistics and Psychometrics, Karen’s academic career has been rich and varied, and following her 10 years of study where she lectured as a PhD Student in Applied Psychology. Her journey into Nutrition was not planned and was prompted by the extreme escalation of her own health issues following the birth of her first daughter in 2007 which culminated in her diagnosis of Crohns Disease in 2008.

As a busy mum of 2 young girls aged 9 and 12, Karen is especially passionate about the role of diet and environment and the interaction with our microbiome in disease prevention and modulation of inflammation and is on a mission to help clients reframe how they view disease. She emphasises the importance of prevention but also getting to the root cause with her clients and her continuing education has led her to the Institute of Functional Medicines AFMCP program in the UK which she completed in 2017 and regularly attends international conferences to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of Autoimmunity and Microbiome research.

Karen is also a member of Academic staff with the College of Naturopathic Medicine London since 2015 and lectures at their Satellite College in Cork monthly.

Karen is a passionate public speaker and has appeared at The Free from Allergy Expos, Your Health (Formerly the Rude Health Show), Veg Expo UK, Mind Body Spirt and Wellfest has been keynote speaker for the College of Naturopathic Medicine Open Days and has appeared on local radio and Sky TV in Ireland discussing her own healing journey. Karen has also contributed to publications for the Irish Examiner, Positive life, Merion Fetal Health, Rude Health Magazine, The Gloss Magazine as part of the Irish Times, and the international magazine positive parenting in SA. Karen’s story has also been featured on a number of online blogs. Karen also collaborates with one of the leading labs in the UK Regenerus and