Dr. Sara Hunt is delivering SLEEP LIKE A WOMAN on the THINK timetable.

Dr. Sara Hunt is a medical doctor and Functional Medicine Practitioner. After graduating from Trinity College with an M.A. in English Literature she went on to study medicine at Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin. She worked as a doctor in Ireland and Australia for many years in medicine, surgery, paediatrics and obstetrics before taking time out to parent her two young boys fulltime.  During that time she completed her training with the Institute for Functional Medicine in the USA. This training has fueled her long-standing passion for guiding and inspiring you to regenerate your own health. By working with, rather than against your own biology you can optimize your energy to live a full and healthy life.

Alongside her medical training she has trained in meditation, yoga, and MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction). These modalities proved to be much-needed in her own life following the death of her daughter Zoey three days after her birth in 2018. This transformative and life-changing experience has solidified Sara’s passion for living a whole, conscious and healthy life.

Since childhood she struggled with digestive symptoms and hormonal imbalances. She has found that a combination of small incremental changes in food, movement, stress-reduction and connection techniques have been successful in alleviating these symptoms. Sharing this important and empowering information with others both online and in-person is now her mission.

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