Practice Areas

Nutritional Therapies

Sports nutrition, weight management, children's nutrition. We have a range of qualified Nutritional Therapists to suit you

Mental Wellbeing Therapies

We have a wonderful variety of therapists in the centre. Art and play, counsellors and psychotherapists. We also have therapists who offer EFT and CBT techniques.

Spiritual Therapies

Whether you are coming for Reiki, meditation and mindful practices or to see our Shaman. The community of therapists are here to support you.

Medical Therapies

Meet our Naturopath who will support your natural health needs. We also have an experienced Audiologist.

Relaxation Therapies

Soothes your body with any of our hugely experienced therapists. Head massage, reflexology, and numerous ways to reinvigorate and create whole body wellness.

Physical Therapies

Chiropracters and physiotherapists here to support you back to whole body health.


About the Centre

Started in 2013, by a group of therapists and a local GP who was very interested in the role of complementary medicine, The Kinsale Health and Wellbeing Centre was formed. A core community of a wide range of therapists came together for the benefit of Kinsale and the surrounding area. 

Today many of those founding practitioners work alongside several new ones to enhance and diversify the services on offer at the centre. All of the practitioners are professionally qualified and insured for your health and safety. By providing such a broad choice of therapist and services we hope to work together to support body, mind and spirit to those in Kinsale and beyond.

You are always welcome to drop in and leave a note or question at our reception and we will do our best to get the right person to get back to you.

Emmet Place, Kinsale, Co. Cork. Ireland

Feel free to drop into the centre and write a note for the therapist you wish to see.

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